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Spinal Care Neuropathy Treatment Center Currie Health Wellness Diagnostic Center

Dave well, i’m here to tell you again that Currie has a free report that he would love to send you about neuropathy relief, without medications, without surgery.It’s called the severe neuropathy and numbness relief guide.Now folks, this is a $19.97 value but Currie will send it to you for free.Call the tollfree 24hour recorded message to get your copy and as we always emphasize if the lines are busy, it’s worth it to keep on trying.Currie is here and we have a very, very special guest, mr.Larry.

Berger, welcome.Larry thank you very much.Dave we want to hear your story about how Currie has helped you overcome some very severe physical issues in your life.Tell us your story if you will, larry.Larry well about 8 years ago, i had a quadruple bypass, shortly after that i had my first stroke.It was my left side to the point where i could feel nothing at all.And then last june i had my second stroke, and this time it was the right side, and once again i could.

Feel nothing at all.In fact my throat was paralyzed for almost a week before i could finally swallow again.And since i saw Currie’s ad on tv with you and soon as i saw that i said, i gotta call this man, and i did.I’ve been going out for about 2 months i think, and i’ve almost got a complete feeling in my left side completely.And my right side is starting to come around.It’s still not where i want it to be but it’s coming around.

And of course my main goal going in there was leaving without having to use a cane and i’m getting close.Dave okay, so let’s go back to when larry walked in a couple of months ago.Well, and you evaluated him, Currie.Pick the story up from there.Currie well really, truly how it went, dave, as i was scared to death, you know, because i’ve got a man who is right in front of me who really wants help.He’s had some strokes, he had some spinal issue as well, and you know it’s like, wow, okay, can we.

Possibly help him and larry will tell you that i couldn’t tell him if i could help him or not.It was just simply, hey, we can try this and see what happens.Dave let me stop you a minute because that’s what i like about you.I have observed that myself and if you can’t help a person, you don’t tell them you can help them and you say, hey, let’s try it and let’s see what happens, so pick it up from there again.Currie yeah, so we started care and for actually quite a while, larry didn’t see any.

Changes symptomatically.Dave did you get discouraged larry no, not really.Actually after the first 3 visits, i could feel something was changing but i didn’t know for sure what.And then it kinda, you know, leveled off for a while, but then the main thing is the laser that they do.When i first started the laser, i couldn’t feel anything, and then next thing you know boy it started getting so hot on my left side, i could actually tell if the girls were on my left side or if they’re on.

My right side because of the feeling.Dave okay.We’ve mention the strokes, we haven’t talked a whole lot about neuropathy itself.Now larry did develop neuropathy as a result of the strokes.What is neuropathy and can you tell us a little bit about how you treat it, Currie Currie neuropathy is tingling, numbness, burning or just weakness or even lack of sensation like what larry was having, he just couldn’t really feel anything, and that’s because the nerves weren’t working right.And so what i did was we were taking a spinal approach.

We were absolutely treating his spine, and then also with that we were treating his spine with the lasers, the deep tissue lasers but then also coming in and treating the hands and the feet as well.And so we’re kind of trying to cover all the bases just to bring oxygen to those nerves, because nerves need oxygen more than anything else, that’s their fuel, if they don’t have it they die.And so it’s really, really important and so that’s what we’ve done with larry mainly.Dave so larry, what would you tell folks who are watching out there right now, who.

May be in a similar condition to what you were larry i’d call Currie as soon as you could, because he definitely can help you.I mean like i said when we first went, it’s kinda funny, it’s a funny story.My wife and i left after the consultation.I drove two blocks and i turned around and i said, no, i gotta go back, and i went back and started the next day.Dave man, what a great testimony, what a great testimony.I’m glad you’re doing so well.

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