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Sciatica Therapy Wilmington North Carolina

Hello. My name’s Rebecca Herrick. I’m hereat Everything Peaceful in Wilmington, North Carolina, to explain what a chiropractic massagewould be. A chiropractor’s office is a great place for a massage therapist to work. Manytimes you get clients that come to a chiropractor that need their muscle issues addressed aswell as their structural alignment of their bones. So the two go hand in hand. And sowhat a lot of times a massage therapist would do is go in and work on the client. Warm themup, get them prepared for their chiropractic adjustment. And then the chiropractor comesin, does the adjustment and leaves and sends you back in there to do followup muscle tissuework. The soft tissue’s often what’s pulling

the bones out of alignment. So, just adjustingthe tissue, just adjusting the bones without addressing the soft tissue issues often timesdoesn’t let their adjustment last very long. So by working and incorporating soft tissuework into the adjustment process, it helps the chiropractor’s work to last a lot longer.Helps to prevent muscle spasms and muscle problems as a result of the chiropractic adjustment.So working hand in hand with the chiropractor is a great benefit to the client. And that’swhat a chiropractic massage would be.

Massage Therapy Hydrotherapy Treatments

Hello, my name’s Rebecca Herrick. I’m a massagetherapist in Wilmington, North Carolina. And, I’m here to talk about what is hydrotherapytreatment? Hydrotherapy treatment can be incorporated into many different modalities of massageand body work therapy. And basically, it is the use of water in some form, for therapeuticreasons. For example, if you use heated water, it helps to increase circulation to the muscles,and help increase flexibility, and things like that. If you use water, in it’s ice form,it helps to decrease circulation to an area, which is greatly used in the treatment ofinflammation. So, water being used in those quot;twofquot;, two different forms, is typically,used the term hydrotherapy. There’s also hydrotherapy

used a lot in physical therapy, in the formsof whirlpools and saunas, and, just heated water, and things like that. Hydrotherapycan even be used as a term for using hot stone therapy. If you use the hot, the, you soakthe stones in the warm water, that’s heating the stones, and using the water as your medium.And that would be the use of hydrotherapy treatment.

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