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Sciatica Cure Pregnancy

Now today i want to talk to you about sciatica, what it is, why lots of women in pregnancy suffer from it and what you can do about it. I’ve just released on my channel a very quick twoandahalf minutes exercise.

That you can do to really help relieve symptoms. So lets start from the beginning and feel free to type in any questions that you have.Has anyone out that experienced is experiencing at the moment pain in one side of the buttock for maybe two? most.

Often it’s just on one side and it’s a real burning searing kind of pain that you get through generally one side of your buttock that goes right down the middle of the back of your legs sometimes all the way down to the foot and this is generally.

Termed sciatica or sciatic pain what it is: it’s your sciatic nerve or the roots to the sciatic nerve that are painfully compressed somewhere along the line. it’s one of the biggest nerves you have in your.

Body and it goes all the way down that line I just described and it originates from 5 nerves that come out from your lower back and sacrum from L4 all the way to S3 and all those nerve roots exit out through into this one big nerve and it goes all the way.

Down so that means that there are different exit point areas where it comes out from where you can start getting compressed or irritated and also as it goes past the buttock zone into the leg all these layers of muscle cover.

That and can become tight and compress causing the irritation and we get this radiating pain sensation and that’s what causes it. A lot of women suffer from this during pregnancy especially in the later stages and you can see why.

Now that you understand where that nerve comes from, when you’re pregnant, the heavier you get, the bigger your bump is, the bigger you get more you’re weightbearing through the front so your center of gravity.

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