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Sciatica And Numbness In Legs And Arms Chiropractor Allentown Pa

hi my name’s Mike Unried and CorySinger really change my life when I first camehere I had neck problems and shoulderproblems and he explained to me his treatments what I needed to do after working on me I’m able to turn my neck either way as before when I came here I could barely turn either way I was getting

this thing I call quot;lightningquot; a pinched nerve I guess he explained it to me and I used to get a rust taste in mymouth and my whole brain would shortcircuit butafter working on me I think the first few sessions with him he got my neck moving I’m moving moreand more and now is work on my shoulder I’m able to lift my arm up like crazy I

play catch with my grandkids but if anyguy could do it come over to see Mr. Singer Singer and he will do you right, thank you.

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