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Nerve Pain Relief With Essential Oils Recipes

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Aromatherapy for Pain Relief HD CC

Like. Share. Subscribe. Regardless of age,sooner or later, we will all suffer aches; whether caused by intense exercise, arthritis,or a fall. For those who prefer natural ingredients,that are both safe and effective for adults

as well as children,aromatherapy is the way to go. Keep in mind that essential oils should never be used without a base oil to dilute their strength.Most essential oils are too powerful to be used directly on skin without being diluted.Grape seed oil is a good base for most people, particularly those who have oily to normalskin types, as it is has an astringent quality and willnot clog the pores. Almond oil may be preferable for those whohave dry skin, as it is very moisturizing.

To complete this recipe you will needa small amber glass bottle, to store your analgesic in,either grapeseed or almond oil, and the essential oils cypress, rosemary,cedarwood and peppermint. First, place 2 tablespoons of base oil inthe amber glass bottle. Use a measuring spoon not a dinner spoon. You may want to use a small funnel to avoid making a mess. Then add 12 drops of cypress essential oil, 6 drops of rosemary essential oil,10 drops of cedarwood essential oil,

and 6 drops of peppermint essential oil. Gently swirl the ingredients together. The mixture will remain effective for up to three months, and the amber glass will protect the analgesic oil from light and air. As I mentioned in ‘Eucalyptus Essential Oilfor Headaches’, if you don’t have peppermint essential oilyou can use eucalyptus in its stead.

And, for additional potency, you can add 6drops of ginger essential oil. Ginger is excellent for sprains and boneson the mend. If you’re one of those people who wakes upfeeling stiff and achy, apply this analgesic oil to your sore spotsbefore turning in at night. The inoffensive scent won’t keep you awakenor repel your significant other, and you’ll wake up the next morning painfree! This tutorial is based on the article quot;Aromatherapyfor Pain Reliefquot;, the link is in the description box below.

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