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Low Back Pain Sciatica A Personalised Treatment Approach

Hi, i want to talk today about whether foot orthotics can play a role in decreasing low back pain. This is a little controversial. There are some studies that show that there can be a direct relationship between foot function and low back pain. There are other studies that show that there is almost no relationship at all. What we find, is that certainly not all low back pain by any means has anything to do with your feet, but that there are some.

Cases where taking care of abnormal foot mechanics really can make a difference. There are a couple of hypotheses of why foot function may contribute to low back pain. One of those is that, if you are someone who pronates too much, meaning, rolls in too much, as you pronate, the lower leg rotates inward. As the lower leg rotates inward, that can put stress on your knee and your hip and your back. By using a stable shoe and a orthotic device that limits that motion, we can keep everything functioning where it should. We.

Don’t put that stress on the back. in some cases, that can decrease or eliminate low back pain. First thing we always want to do, is to try and determine, when our patients come in the office, does it seem likely that there is a relationship? If I see someone come in and they have chronic history of low back pain, but they have perfect foot mechanics, they have a very stable foot that’s not rolling in too much, the odds of their back pain being.

Related to their foot function are really not that high. On the other hand, if somebody has abnormal foot mechanics, just for example, their foot is really flat and their leg is rolling in a lot, then it’s more likely that there’s a relationship. I can usually test the theory by putting a taping on the foot, stabilizing that foot and then sending them out to do an activity that causes the back pain. If we find that the back pain goes down, then there’s usually a relationship.

Also, if you just find that wearing a better shoe, like an athletic shoe, is better for your back than wearing, for example, a dress shoe, then there probably is a direct relationship between the foot function and your low back pain. If you have low back pain, certainly if you’re having low back pain and there’s not been another reason found that you have low back pain, I would suggest seeing a podiatrist that specializes in biomechanics, and at least get some testing done to see if there is a.

Relationship. If you’re in our area, please come and see us. If you are coming in, be sure to bring a selection of your shoes. If you have any arch supports or orthotics you’ve used in the past, let us see those. Sometimes, people have tried orthotics, buy they’re basically just lousy orthotics, and they’re not doing enough to support the foot or to take the stress off of the back.

If you’re not in our area, find a podiatrist that specializes in biomechanics. they’re going to be the ones that will be most likely to help you with this problem. That’s it on foot function and back pain. If you want more information, even suggestions on some overthecounter orthotics you can try, go to our website and just do a search for back pain. We’ve got a lot of information there, including a number of the studies that look at this relationship.

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