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Disability For Sciatica In Pregnancy


Welcome to health care at home in our previous episode we were talking about heel pain.According to ayurveda, any kind of pain is considered to be put in vaatvayu air roga category and to rule out vaat rog, aloe vera is the best ingredient.So, if you have pain in heel or anywhere else so, you should firstly take a this much big piece of aloe vera peel it and take out its gel cut the gel into small piece and swallow with the glass of water you will notice, that you will start getting relief in any type of pain.

Similarly, fenugreek seeds works wonder in vaat rog.So make its powder consume 1 spoon fenugreek powder with luke warm water.You will be relived from any kind of pain.Now, what all you can eat use gooseberry as its very good for vaat rog, heel pain eat maximum of tomatoes, cabbage green papaya also works wonders, you can also make its veggie eat cucumber in salad it works wonder in vayu rog, you can also use potato, so use all these items in your eating plan and you will notice that you will start getting relief in heel pain.

Along with this do one more thing, take 1 inch piece of ginger add 1 bunch of mint leaves and 23 piece of dates put them all into mixer make their chutney consume at least 12 spoon of this chutney along with your food you can also add some black salt cumin seeds, as it turned out very delicious.Use this chutney, not only in heel pain in fact you will get relief from any kind of pain.Along with this very good for your body and digestion system.

So, regularly take this chutney with your food make sure that you prepare fresh chutney, instead of making a lot in one go using for 7 days make fresh.Eat fresh and you will notice that you will start getting instant relief in the pain what shouldn’t to be eat to low down the vaat rog, don’t eat deep fried food items avoid, as much as of deed fried food now a days lot of fast food is in culture like pizza, burger etc.Consumption of such items will create problem as it gives you lot of pain in vaat rog.

Stop drinking cold drinks, as they are quite high to increase the problem of vaat rog.Also make sure that you drink at 22 to 3 litre of water throughout the day and remember, drink maximum of water in day time instead of night.Before the sun set drink maximum of water and you will notice that you will start getting relief in any kind of pain let me tell you about a paste, make this apply on your heel as it will give you maximum relief in heel pain.

So, for that take 1 spoon sesame oil add 1 spoon onion juice.Add 14 spoon of ginger lemon juice, now add 1 spoon of turmeric powder mix it.Let it get warm up and cooked on low flame.When its warm, which you can tolerate on your body so, then apply this luke warm solution on the area you have pain on your body.When you will apply this paste, you will feel stretch on your body you will feel like cold warm compress.And you will notice that within half n hour or so you will start getting relief.

Do this remedy for 23 times in a day for 1 week you will get maximum relief in heel pain.Along with this use a powder, to make this powder take 50 gm fenugreek seeds take 50 50 gm of carom and onion seeds roast all of them on the low flame for about 1 mins.After that let it cool down make its powder store this powder in a glass bottle.Now, take 1 spoon of this powder with luke warm water in the morning.You, will notice that you will get relief in any kind of pain including heel pain.

If your stomach is not clear, as its often seen that in vayu rog stomach is not clear, due to this pain occurs.Then take 1 spoon ot this powder add 1 spoon isabgol.Consume this with luke warm water, you will get relief in pain your stomach will also be absolutely clear along with this ashwagandha powder is also very beneficial, now a days its easily available in market.Take spoon ashwagandha powder with a glass of milk and you will notice that not only you will get relief in pain but also it gives internal energy.

Throughout the day you will feel energise.To kill the pain you can make powder of black sesame seeds and take spoon of it add spoon fresh aloe vera gel spoon ginger juice.Post mixing them add some black soil if you manage to get it after adding black soil, heat up all the ingredients.If you think its thick then add some water turn it to liquid form heat up and once its thick in consistency.Then in that warm condition only you have to apply this paste in your problem area.

Apply a thick layer of this paste all over the problem area of your heel after that don’t move for another half n hour.Within half n hour your foot will get good massage and if the pain is due to blood clotting, that clotting will be removed.And you will get relief in heel pain.So, isn’t it the remedies were easy rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.To meet us you have to subscribe this channel.Tell to your friends relatives.

Treating Low Back Pain Naturally VitaLife Show Episode 195

Welcome to the vitalife show.I’m janine bowring a naturopathic and today topic is all about treating low back pain in sciatica naturally so this is an nagging problem for many people and a lot of you ask what are your favorite reason treating this naturally well we’re gonna share all those tips for you be sure to stay tuned right to the end the tutorial to get are links to other tutorials as well and also make sure you subscribe to our channel see get our newest and latest.

Uploads here on the vitalife show at all times so what are the causes that this low back pain so for a lot of people it could be because of a sedentary lifestyle not enough exercise it could have been in injury to the low back for women especially after childbirth everything gets shifted out of place and this is you know one of the common causes of that low back pain for years and years after giving birth and having children also if you’re overweight a lot of pressure of course happens on the low back and postural.

Issues as well so if you’re poor posture in your sitting and standing in the wrong posture then this can cause a lot of pressure on that low back as well there could be disk issues and of course sciatica in which that nerve has compression so you want to make sure that again you’re doing things naturally and as beneficial as possible for your body to help to treat this low back pain so one of the things i absolutely love is yoga so doing you know normal sun salutation which i’m sure you can find a lot of.

Information on youtube about how to do this sun salutation especially the downward dog and upward dog really helps to stretch out those back muscles in is a lifesaver for so many people so do check that out as well as you know regular stretching trying to touch your toes helps to stretch out the low back either standing or in a sitting position maintain proper posture so shoulders back tummy in low back tilted and the pelvic tilt it a little bit forward from the bottom up this helps to maintain that proper structure and posture.

In the lower back muscles especially and what can we do there are natural antiinflammatories so thank goodness for that our favorites here at vitatree are the vitafish oil and the vitajoint so this combination is really really helpful for any type of back pain especially that low back pain and especially that sciatica they worked together as natural antiinflammatories helping to target that pain but the great thing is there’s no negative side effects you can take this safely over the long term and really really help with your pain and inflammation.

The other thing is calcium and magnesium so here at vitatree we always keep our calcium and magnesium separately because they compete for absorption they should never really be supplemented together in the same capsule calcium, whole food calcium so very very high absorption rate from fossilized coral and magnesium in a special formulation that has the highest absorption magnesium and calcium work together with the muscles to helping to relax the muscles and maintain proper muscle tone this is important natural muscle relaxants is really important for that low back pain make sure you’re eating enough raw foods in your diet.

Increase your sleep because lack of sleep unfortunately takes its toll on the muscles and on the joints as well thanks for joining me today make sure that you click subscribe so you always get our newest and latest uploads here on the vitalife show please leave your questions and comments below absolutely love to hear from you and we do get back to everyone and check out our other tutorials here on the vitalife shows as well so click up here all about varicose veins and how to treat them naturally.


Myself rubina welcomes you to this fresh episode of f3 healthy life.Today we are going to talk about cramps in legs.Sometime we face cramps in legs so, today i have brought some home remedies related to this problem.If you will follow them, you will get rid of them without visiting .So, let’s move on to our home remedies.Our first home remedy is ice compress.Moment you start having pain in your legs all you have to do is wrap some ice cubes in towel take this ice compress to your problem area.

This ice compress normalise the blood circulation of your veins.And gives you relief from the pain.So let’s move on to our next home remedy which is rock salt.Put 2 tsp rock salt in bucket of warm water, moment you have pain in your legs.Leave it for 20 minutes so that rock salt get dissolved in it completely.Remember, once the water is lukewarm then only dip your both legs in it.Do this for at least 1 hour.This will normalise your blood circulation and you will get relief from your legs pain.

Our next home remedy is apple cider vinegar.All you have to do is take 1 glass warm water add 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar in it and drink it.You have to consume it half n hour prior you go to sleep.Doing this remedy for regular 1 month will give you permanent relief from legs cramps.Let’s move on to our next home remedy which is clove oil all you have to do is heat up clove oil and then get it lukewarm apply this oil on your problem area whenever you have leg cramps.

Do massage for continuous 5 minutes.Doing this will give you relief from legs pain our last home remedy is yellow mustard.Mix 1 tsp yellow mustard either in 1 glass warm milk or water and consume it daily.Doing this remedy for regular 1 month will give you permanent relief from legs cramps.So, how easy these remedies are if you will follow them then you will get permanent rid from your legs pain.Do like and share my tutorials on youtube, whatsapp, facebook twitter.Don’t forget to subscribe our channel.

Sciatica Ka Gharelu ilaj Home Remedy for Sciatica Pain

Hello and welcome friends!!! you most welcome on lakhaipurtv intro music today i will tell you about very easy home treatment to cure sciatica pain yess friends, leaves of night jasmine is very effective for sciatica or sciatic nerve pain it cures acute sciata in short time this plant known as many names such as harishringaar, harsingaar, paarijaat, shefalika, etc.It called night jasmine or coral jasmine in english coral jasmine is not big tree, it like bush its leaves are green color rough white color flowers blooms in bunch.

You can understand it easily from its photos it’s leaves used to cure sciatica if you find it’s tree near you then take it’s 56 green leaves crush and boil like tea and drink after being cold drink it twice daily morning and evening this is very effectiv in sciatica pain acute sciatica cures soon and for chronic sciatica use it for long time if you are unable to find fresh leaves then it’s dried leaves you can find from herb seller you can use dry leaves also by boiling it.

Or make dry leaves powder and take 1 spoon twice daily use of bark powder of it’s tree stem is very useful joint pain and arthritis leaves, bark, flower all are useful of this plant use of night jasmine is useful in sciatica and gout, arthritis, cold, cough, fever, worms, swelling and diabetes etc.So friend, if any one is suffering from sciatica then heshe should must use it and take advantage of natural herb must subscribe our channel to know another info like this and to get update of new info and to know herbal formulas to cure disease.

home remedies for stiff neck best ways to lessen pain

Home remedies for stiff neck sometimes when you wake up in the morning with pain in the neck you are unable to move your head in any direction neck stiffness may cause headache shoulder pain and even pain in the arms the best way to get rid of a sore neck is to try simple home remedies which work really well moving head in your head from left to right for several minutes.This is often the most painful notion you can make when you have a stiff neck but you will.

Better to do this they could cure for stiff neck you can use oils a little gentle massage will help you to lessen the stiff neck this in turn will help reduce the stiffness moreover it will help you sleep better making some pieces of ice and rapid in a polybag now however the stiff part of neck with a small cloth or towel then place the wrapped ice is really useful for stiff neck pain relief hot bath take a hot bath to relax your muscles gently warm some coconut oil.


Welcome to health care at home we have one of our viewer mr.Raam naresh aggarwal from patna , bihar.He has emailed us that i am suffering from arthritis joint pain and asking for the remedy.Mr aggarwal first of all you must understand that what is arthritis joint pain why does it occurs.It is called arthritis joint pain in english.It can occur due to deficiency of calcium if your digestive system is not well.It can occur due to any trauma or any injury if your uric acid is increased then also arthritis joint pain can occur.

Eating chilled or hard food can be the reason of arthritis joint pain.Don’t take sour food items you shouldn’t take alcohol if your uric acid is increased.Take less tea if you smoke then also it lead to high uric acid.So, stop the smoking completely now, let me tell you what you shouldn’t eat in arthritis joint pain your digestive system gets very week.So you shouldn’t consume the food items rich in protein like pulses and milk also if you are suffering from arthritis joint pain.

Your digestive system gets week in arthritis joint pain.So, you shouldn’t eat such items which is high in protein as they take too much time to get digest.Don’t eat any type of non veg item like egg,fish completely stop the consumption of red meat, chicken.Stop smoking alcohol.Drink maximum of water.If your uric acid is increased then you can drink 35 litre of water.As uric acid flesh out as urine if you drink maximum water.Along with this do one more thing every morning drink 1 glass of carrot juice.

Do this remedy till the time you start getting relief in your pain.Within few weeks you will get relief in arthritis joint pain.Let me tell you some remedies if you are suffering from arthritis joint pain, as this will give you max.Relief.You must have heard about arjun kwath, so take 1 spoon of the arjun kwath.Add 12 spoon of cinammon powder take 300 ml of water and boil it till the time water is reduced to 100 ml.When the water is reduces to 100 ml, strain it , this will be almost 1 cup.

Consume this water at the time of nap this will not only relief you in arthritis joint pain but in heart problem too.Extract bottle gourd juice along with add 810 leaves of mint basil leaves in it.Mix it and extract almost 1 glass of juice consume this juice with an empty stomach in the morning.Do this remedy for 3 months you will start getting relief in arthritis joint pain.Now you must be thinking whether you should take carrot juice or bottle gourd juice with an empty stomach.

Take 10 mins break.First you take bottle gourd juice then take carrot juice.Or if you have taken carrot juice firs then take 10 mins break take bottle gourd juice.Let me tell you a remedy if your uric acid is increased.Baking soda is easily available at every house.Take 1 spoon baking soda mix it in a glass of water.Drink this 2 times in a day.Don’t do this remedy if you have high blood pressure.You can drink this baking soda’s water 34 times in a day.

If your age is more than years then don’t use it more than 3 times a day.In fact i would recommend that you should consume this water 2 times in a day only and as i said if you have high blood pressure then don’t do this remedy now why does arthritis joint pain occurs its due to the modern life style fast food.Don’t consume any type of fast food of you are suffering from arthritis joint pain.Don’t use any packaged food available in the market.

Say no to such items, in fact don’t eat rice curd.Don’t take milk in the night as i said don’t use lentils and dry fruits.Since your digestive system is already week if you will use lentils and dry fruits then your digestive system will be more weaker.So due to this arthritis joint pain might get increased.If you have extreme pain then do one thing extract banyan tree’s milk either apply or massage 23 times with the milk.So with this remedy you will get relief in arthritis joint pain.

Let me tell you another remedy, do this also take 1 kg raw green papaya.Wash it and cut it with its skin.Put the papaya into 3 litre water and get it boil on the low flame for almost 15 mins.Once its thoroughly boil, strain it you have the water ready with you.This will be almost 34 glass of water throughout the day you have to drink this water almost 12 to 212 cup.Do this remedy for 15 days then get your uric acid level checked.

If your uric acid began to normal then you must do this remedy once in a week.And you will notice that you will start getting relief in arthritis joint pain.China root, which is called chok chini available at every chinse herbs shop you wi1l get its powder packet at every chinese medicine store.Consume 12 of spoon of this powder with a glass of water in morning and in evening.This is also very beneficial in arthritis joint pain.Just follow these remedies and get rid of arthritis joint pain.

Sciatica Treatmentavnarogyain

Sciatica treatment sciatica refers to the pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve which branches from the lower back through the hips buttocks and down each leg lets have a look at siatica 240 of people have sciatica at some point of time is one of the most common problems that affect humankind its most common during people in their forties and fifties and man are more frequently affected than women the condition has been known to exist since very very ancient times sciatic nerve we need to understand.

What is the sciatic nerve to understand sciatica the sciatic nerve is actually the biggest nerve in the body formed by the combination of the nerve roots emerging from the l4,l5,s1,s2,and s3 vertebrae from the back the nerve is a big one that forms from all these roots and then travels through the back of the of the buttocks through the thighs and into the legs andso sciatica is a problem that manifest from the back down to the legs you can see that one of the most common causes of sciatica is the disc.

That is between the two vertebrae comprising these roots of the sciatic nerve if any of these roots are compressed by prolapsed disc that is the cause of sciatica about 90 of the time sciatica is only costs by spinal disc herniation or lumbar spondylosis pressing on one of the lumbar or sacral nerve roots other problems that may result in sciatica are spondylolisthesis spinal stenosis piriformis syndrome piriformis is the muscle that is very very close to the sciatic nerve and infact muscles into spasm that can also press on the sciatic nerve and produce problem pelvic tumors can also cause sciatica.

Very rarely compression baby’s head during pregnancy is also a cause of sciatica conventional treatment for sciatica is predominantly comprising of pain medication in about ninety percent of the patients the problem goes away in less than six weeks if the pain is severe and it lasts for more than six weeks then surgery is recommended in modern medicine while surgery is often capable of reducing the pain and producing an immediate improvement the longterm benefits of surgery are very very unclear that is this in this context that we present arogya.

Avn arogya’s ayurvedic treatment protocol for treatment of sciatica we treat chronic sciatica even in those patients are being recommended for surgery with ayurvedic intervention the ayurvedic intervention comprises of ayurvedic medicines both oral as well as external we give some tablets certain capsules certain oils and other herbal preparations which are capable of helping the patient’s get over the problem we also administered ayurvedic massage therapies like herbal powders and prepared to a bolus and we give some therapeutic massages we also have certain oil based massage therapies which are very effective in relieving.

The pain and symptoms associated in sciatica ayurvedic medicated enemas called as vastis form the main core of the treatment when it comes to sciatica especially when it is caused by a protruding disc in our case we also integrate ayurvedic treatment with modern physiotherapy and yoga and so avn arogya’s treatment is a holistic approach integrating the aspects of modern diagnosis ayurvedic treatment combined with physiotherapy and yoga our treatment protocol really works by healing the nerve that is compressed by the protruding discs or the hypertrophy joint and that is what is causing the sciatic.

Symptoms and our treatment helps in healing the nerve that is damaged by these protrusions it also helps to relieve the associated inflammation it also helps in preventing further problems there by avn arogya’s treatment for back pain and sciatica is very very special in the sense that it does not require surgery absolutely safe and effective very holistic and natural and it helps to prevent recurrences as well we’re back by an experience of over 85 years of of treating patients with sciatica through our ayurvedic treatment at our in.

Low Back Pain Relief ONE MOVE

What’s up, guys jeff cavaliere, athleanx.Today i’m going to try to help you to get rid of that low back pain once and for all.You see, you’ve got to start understanding what’s causing the low back pain in the first place to really be able to conquer it.I think a lot of times the advice that people that suffer from back pain get is just misdirected, and misguided.They’re looking at the location of the pain without actually looking for the source of the pain and unless you get to the source you’re never going to get rid of the.

Pain once and for all.So today i’m going to show you an exercise that you’ll want to start doing and i’ll give you different levels of progression depending on how acute your back pain is.Okay, first of all, if you’re dealing with a really bad back that doesn’t even allow you to move at the moment, you’re not supposed to be in the gym exercising.What you’re supposed to be doing is allowing that to heal, calm down, and control the inflammation.If you’re beyond that though and it’s more of a chronic problem keeping you out of the.

Gym or making the gym training sessions uncomfortable then you’ve got to start with an exercise and start training those weak spots.99 of the time what’s causing low back pain is a weakness in a joint below that.In this case it could be the hips.It could be weak hips and glutes that are basically putting you in the position to be compromised in your low back.So what we do is, we have a setup here, and in this setup you see all i need is a barbell and a band.

The band i have anchored to the back of this squat rack.However you anchor it, i have it on the back of some pins.Now i’m going to get myself in position here behind the band and i’m not going to worry necessarily about the bar just yet, especially if this is something that you’re not in an acute stage, but you still have quite a bit of back pain and weakness.You get yourself into the bend and you just walk forward.It kind of blocks your progression to the cage.Now what you want to do is, you want to position the band right across the.

Crease that happens right here in your hips, okay because the first thing it wants to do is teach you what a hip hinge is.Most of us that have weak backs don’t’ really know how to hinge correctly.It would feel like moving me into this position here it’s just pulling me back and when i let the resistance take over it pulls me back into a proper hip hinge.It’s taking me at the hips and bending me right at those creases here right at the top of my hips.

If i were to put this higher, like against my stomach, and i lean forward allowing this to take me back that actually has me fold over the band.Right now i’m pulling myself into a flex position which is going to cause problems for us that have low back pain.First thing, up here, now i walk forward.Now all i do is, i allow it to hinge me and then i come back against the resistance of the band.Squeezing my glutes as hard as i possibly can and also extending here, staying.

Up nice and tall, to extend to the low back.So now we’re tying together the glutes and the low back which are supposed to work together.They’re both extending us.They’re both bringing up back in this direction.We need them to be able to work in concert with each other.Most of us don’t have glutes working at all so then the low back tries to accomplish that.The other thing you could see that would happen is, if i don’t have the ability to extend because i don’t have strong glutes so i can’t extend i.

Start to have this posture where i fall forward because i’m not extending through the hips.The more i fall forward, the more responsibility is taken over by the low back and that’s trying to hold me up.You know what doing that 24 hours a day, minus our sleeping time, is too much work for the low back to do alone.It needs the help of the glutes.So get your ass to start working, literally.So now what we do is, we can work out one side or the.

Other.If i straddle here, one leg in front and i let it pull me back, then i drive forward.Let it pull me back, then i squeeze forward.What you’re going to find is the leg that’s dropped back is doing all the work.So if i step this way it’s going to look like this.Hinge, squeeze forward, and it will work my right side.Hinge, squeeze forward.I love this extension because it’s close chained.It’s working us the way we’re going to be working all the time, which is predominantly on our feet.Okay, so down, into the hinge,.

And then squeeze forward right here through the glute.Now, you want to make it a little more difficult if you have a healthier back, but one that you know is weak now you can start tying in an rdl to it.That’s where our bar comes in.So we grab down, we’ve got the bar, we walk forward just a little bit.Right here, against the resistance of the band, now i allow it to hinge me down to knee height, maintaining that arch in my low back, and i drive forward.

I use my glutes here to squeeze forward.Down, drive forward.See, at the top of this exercise we normally wouldn’t have much resistance, but because the band is in place here i still have a lot of resistance now being applied to the glutes.Now, last modification.If you really want to start taking this to the next level you do this come down, hinge, bent row, here, now drive forward.Hinge, bent row, here, now drive forward.Now we’re tying everything together.We have hips, then lumbar spine, then thoracic spine obviously because i’ve got to maintain extension.

Through there, too.They’re all working to pull.So there you have it.Now you have a weapon in your arsenal to start attacking that back pain of yours at its source.Remember, stop just looking for the location of the pain and start trying to find the actual source of the pain.You’ll finally be able to get rid of it once and for all.You can’t do that if you’re just looking at the symptoms and trying to treat the symptoms, okay this is just another example, guys, of how we put the science back in strength.You’ve.

Got to peel away the layers a little bit to get to the bottom of what’s really going on.The human body is pretty complex.We’ve got to be smarter than it to be able to solve its problems and back pain is one of the biggest ones we have to deal with on a daily basis.Guys, if you’re found this helpful make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below.In the meantime, if you want a program that trains you like and athlete, puts your feet on the ground to train you like an athlete and helps you to get bigger, faster, and stronger.

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