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Chronic Back Pain Cure

Hello, so today i decided to make a tutorial to talk about my experience with back pain and how I was able to solve my back pain problem which I had had for about seven years. So seven years ago I had this ice skating accident where I fell really hard on my butt at the time. And shortly thereafter, whenever I was sitting in a chair, my butt muscle would really start to hurt. And for example whenever I would sit for an hour or so, my left butt area would really.

Start to hurt, and i would have to get up and walk around. And it sort of just became unbearable. This got worse and worse over the years, to the point where I would avoid sitting for any amount of time. And so to do work, for example, I would end up lying on the bed with the pillows propped up against my neck. And I would also avoid driving, because that would require me to sit. And sometimes you get stuck in traffic, and.

It would just be very painful on my butt and my back area. So the pain started seven years ago, and it kept progressively getting worse. I had been to all sorts of chiropractors, s, all kinds of specialties, acupuncture, massage therapists, physical therapists. None of them really worked, and so I sort of learned to live with it for seven years. Earlier this year though, it just got really bad, because I was living in an area where it was very humid, and it was also very cold.

Every time it would start raining, i would just feel like there was something twisting my spine, like the vertebrae in my spine. it just became very unbearable. basically I was thinking of quitting my job and selling my house to perhaps get surgery on it. at that point, the problem was that I didnt even know if surgery would really help anything. Because of all the s I had seen, all the specialties I had been to, nobody had really pinpointed, I feel,.

Nobody really had a strong grasp of exactly what was wrong with the pain. We did xrays, we did mris, and basically it just showed that yeah there was some kind of a herniated disc that they thought But the problem was that my pain was not just that herniated disc area, it was more of the butt area. the other thing is that when I first had the accident about seven years ago, at that time there was actually no herniated disc issue.

Because once i had the butt pain issue seven years ago, i immediately went to see a and they took an MRI. at that point (the s found that) there was no issue with my discs. so seven years later, now theres an issue with the disc, but the pain from the butt has just been there all along. so I really suspected whether the s who looked at the mris had really pinpointed the real source of my problem. So to get to the juicy part of the story,.

Earlier this year, as the pain got really unbearable, i went online and started searching for all kinds of different resources to see if K to really try to figure this thing out. I basically made it almost like a fulltime job to research and to study. I was also doing yoga exercises every day, basically, anything that I thought would help with the back pain. So as I was searching the internet, I came across this book. the books title was healing back pain by John Sarno.

I dont want to give away the whole contents of the book because i think its a really good book, and I think you should go buy it if you havent heard of this. But basically I can say that that book saved my life, literally. Within one week of reading that book my back pain was 50% gone. Within two weeks, it was 70% gone. And after three weeks, 9095% recovery from the back pain. Its basically a miracle is all I can say.

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