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Chiropractic Treatment For Sciatica Pain

Sciatica Relief With A Chiropractic Manipulation

So low back a little how about the low back any better? Yeah that’s feeling better. Less pain in the legs a little better here right? Yeah. Keep that leg straight try to lift the whole leg off the table so raise it up. Good, down, try the other side. Is that side harder? Yeah. I’m going to cross your legs. A little pressure. Okay we are going to uncross them. I am going to bend your legs up. This one will hurt a little bit alright? Deep breath for me. A little tender. Lay on your left side and face me. Put this shoulder back a little bit. Good the other side. Put this shoulder back, there you go and bring this one up.

Good okay. Sit up on the edge there. Go back on your stomach. Try to raise that leg. Oh the whole leg? Good try the other side. Still a little hard? Yeah a little. I am going to put a little pressure right there. Stretch it in, a little tender, or a lot tender. Try raising that one. The other one. A little better right? Yep. Good. That was with your hips being rotated so we realigned it and it takes pressure off the low back. Okay.

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