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Can Leg Length Discrepancy Cause Sciatica

Short Leg Scoliosis Causing Low Back Pain

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KT Tape SI Joint

I’m Chris Harper and with me today is Melissa and we’re going to demonstrate how to tape for sacroiliac joint or SI joint pain. SI joint pain can be caused by the hips being out of alignment, third trimester of pregnancy, childbirth poor posture, sitting for long periods of time. How KT Tape can help is by decreasing pressure over the area relieving inflammation in order to decrease the pain.

SI joint pain could be felt on either side and today we just place the dot here on the right SI joint to demonstrate where this pain may be. So for the first part of this application is to stretch the skin over the area and how we do that is just go ahead and lean forward. And our first piece of tape is just going to be a full strip. And we’re going to twist and tear the paper backing peeling that back.

Being careful not to touch the adhesive on the uh. sticky part of the tape. We’re going to be stretching a tape with our thumbs flat on the tape to apply even pressure through that piece. We’re going right across the area of pain with eighty percent stretch. What that is is if we go out a hundred percent and just back that off a little bit and go ahead and lay that tape down. Rub that on quickly and the anchors or the ends of the tape we’re just going to lay down.

On the skin with zero stretch. So just taking that paper off and laying that down. Ok, our next piece we’re going to take another full strip and we’re going to fold that in half and using a pair of scissors we’re going to cut rounded corners on this piece We’re cutting rounded corners so the sharp corners won’t get caught on clothing.

Ok, and our first piece we’re going to twist and tear the paper backing peeling that paper back again being careful not to touch the adhesive. You’re going to apply even pressure gain eighty percent of stretch going over that area of pain on an angle. If you draw a line from the hip up to the spot of pain that’s about the angle you’re going to apply this tape on. We’re going to lay that down and again.

Going to lay the anchors down with absolutely no stretch. For our third piece again we’re going to twist and tear that paper backing peeling that back applying even pressure with our thumbs to stretch that tape to eighty percent and placing that down on the opposite side again laying the anchors down with absolute zero stretch.

And before we change position we’re going to give the whole thing a good friction rub. That helps the adhesive to stick. We’re going to go ahead and stand up and once we stand we should see a few wrinkles horizontally across the area with the tape. Some tips for applying the tape is make sure you clean the skin very well before applying the tape. Alternative positions if there is a bit of pain and standing is to lie on.

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