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Best Treatment For Back Pain In India

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Back Pain Treatmentavnarogyain

Back pain treatment. Back pain is not adisease by itself it’s a symptom that can be brought about by a number of causes.Therefore the treatment of back pain depends on what is causing the backpain. Several causes of back pain include Muscular spasm. That’s one of the mostcommon causes of back pain. The other causes are sprain or strainto the muscles that are associated with the back The other causes are, Intervertebral discprolapse also known as slipped disc, or a bulged disc or a herniated disc. SacroIllitis and Ankylosing spondylitis are other common causes of back pain. Lumbar spondylosis or osteoarthrosis of the spine

is a degenerative change in the spinethat leads to back pain and osteoporosis is one of the other common causes ofback pain. Some other causes of back pain that are not so common but which are caused by structures other than the back, are pelvic inflammatory disease like Cervicitis the inflammation of the mouthof the uterus or Uterine fibroids. These can cause back pain in patients. People withstones in the kidneys or in the urinary tract known as Renal calculii. Theycan also cause back pain. chronic cystitis, or inflammation of the urinary bladder is another cause of back pain

Appendicitis, if the appendix is adherent to the posterior wall of the abdomen can also be a cause of backpain. Someother rare causes of back pain are Spina Bifida which is an abnormaldevelopmental problem in the spine, Tumor in the spine, Tuberculosis of the spine, Traumaor certain accidents, that can be a cause of back pain Congental spinal canal stenosis and lastbut not the least if all the other examinationsprove negative, but still a patient can suffer from severe back pain due todepression. So the treatment for back

pain is always dependent on the firstor clear diagnosis of what the problem is. So based on these causes, thetreatment will be according to that. Now we consider the most common cause ofback pain which is the Acute back pain. back pain of sudden origin which is due to muscular spasm and strain. This responds very well to rest, warmth, pain killers and Physiotherapy The conventional treatment for chronicback pain, the back pain that does not respond to these sort of interventions or whichlast for a long period of time is called as chronic back pain. Slip Disc,Herniated disc etc are the causes of

this sort of a chronic back pain They are conventionally treated with warmth, physiotherapy including traction and painkillers. But if none of these are able to produce a response, the patient is often subjected to surgery of the spine for correction of the chronicback pain. At AVN Arogya, our treatment for chronic back pain excludes surgery and we’reable to produce effective treatment effective solution to back pain by theuse of Ayurvedic herbal medicines, by Ayurvedic massages therapies and most importantly Ayurvedic medicated enemas called as Vasthi. We also integrate physiotherapy and yoga as part of our treatment process.

The treatment helps to heal the damage to the nerves that are compressed by the protruding discs or by the Hypertrophied joint and that helps to restore normal function. It also helps relieve theassociated inflammation It helps prevent further disc generation as well.So thereby, our treatment approach is both curative as well as preventive.Now, if you look at the benefits of the AVN Arogya’s treatment program, you will find that patients do not require surgery. It is a very safe and effective sort of a program, The treatment is holistic and natural. It helps prevention of recurrences and most importantly it is backed by the experience of over 85 years

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